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Twitter Lyme Voice

My first impressions when I heard about Twitter is, that I don’t get it. It seemed stupid and a big waste of time. What it the point of twitter, besides letting stalkers know where you are. Time past and I forgot about the huge technology craze on the World Wide Web. One day my dad asked me how to set up Twitter, because a bussiness associate requested him. I rolled my eyes and went on there. I signed myself up so I could tell my dad how to do it. He went on there for awhile, got bored and went back to facebook. lol

By me signing up, I got hooked. I started following a bunch of celebrity, venting on there when I was upset and talking about my causes. This includes of course Lyme Disease. This is a great platform to get Lyme Disease out there, so I’m now hooked on Twitter. Why?!! lol. It really is a good place to have a voice. For someone who hated Twitter since it came out of the wood work, I completely recommand it!!/truegirl81

Check me out on there! And lets get Lyme Disease out there people!