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Lyme, Lyme…… What was I saying?

Thinking lastnight on how I want my life back. Before Lyme took over my body I used to be very smart and had a little bit of a photographic memory. Now I can’t even remember what I had to eat yesterday. I want to finish school and do alot with my life. It’s just not fair how life works out.

Hopefully this medication will improve my life. What if it’s just a little bit and I’m stuck like this? These negative dialogs in my head are not useful, but it’s hard to stop them from seeping into your head. It’s hard to be stuck in limbo, which alot of Lyme people understand.  Then on top of it, we get called crazy or depressed. I just wish I could think of something to get chronic Lyme Disease recognized and the process of getting a cure going. Sigh. Dare to dream.

Take care my Lyme people and hang in there. This disease sucks but we will fight it.