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Karen Allen from Indiana Jones has Lyme Disease

I found out yesterday from one of my support groups message boards that Karen Allen has Lyme Disease. For those of you that don’t know, she was in Indiana Jones and Superman. She made a radio appearence promoting a thing called, “The Ultimate Zapper.” She claims it can cure Lyme Disease. I find it hard to believe, but to each his own.  What really made me mad was that this celebrity has Lyme Disease and doesn’t promote and raise awareness about it enough. Lyme disease is usually musseled by the media and having a celebrity talk about it would really help us. Shame on her for not talking about it. She does a one time appearence on a low budget radio show, that barely anyone listens to and thinks she helping?!

Look at Jenny McCarthy with Autism, she has been a pioneer for it. She has gotten it out there in the media and raised awareness about it. It just makes me so angry because for the rest of us it’s hard to get Lyme Disease out there in the public and media. If I had that celebrity I would be talking about it all the time in the media and trying to raise money for it.  I wish I could shake her and say please help us! For those who would like to send a polite and respectful letter to her asking for help, you can contact her through this email. . Please, Please be polite. We would like her to help us with Lyme Diesase awareness.

Her Radio interview

Take care Lyme people and lets make a positive difference in the world.