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I know it’s been awhile since might last post, but I’ve been going through alot of treatment. It’s hard to write when you feel crappy. I’ve been off antibiotics for a couple of weeks. My LLMD wanted to see what symptoms I have off the drugs. It’s been nice not taking so many pills. My joints and brain are doing better, but my fatigue, stomach and eyes are still crappy. Come a long way, but still have some ways to go I think.

I have been doing the Myers coctail. I think it’s helped a little. Well see how it goes the more I use it. We’ll I’m starting to run out of brain power so I’m going to sign off!

take care people!


Lyme Blues

Saw my LLMD today with my mom. So discouraged right now. She found alot of viruses got re-activated in my body because of the Lyme. The doctor also found that I have a stomach parasite, which would explain the extreme weight loss. I feel like I’m such a hot mess right now. I have to take more meds too, and will also have to do penicillin shots 3 times a week. When does this get easier?

This has been such a long haul, and it seems to be getting worse in different ways. I wish I had an end date to all of this, so I know when my life starts up again.

Ben Stiller, The Lazy Lyme Activist

I went wikipedia to see what the site says about Lyme Disease and in it, it lists the celebrities who have it. The most famous out of all of them is Ben Stiller and yet I have never heard of him having Lyme Disease. With all of the celebrity that he has, he chooses to keep this disease private. He has the opportunity to help and change the way Lyme disease is handled, and yet he does nothing. I’m so upset and frusterated with these lazy celebrities who have Lyme and choose to do nothing. There are so many of us who try to get Lyme disease out there in the public eye, but we get shotdown or are left unnoticed!  I wish I had his email to give you guys this time, but I couldn’t find it. You can still contact Karen Allen on my previous blog about her. If someone has his email please pass it onto me, so I can post it on here. If I do get it, please be respectful in the letter.

I wish I had better news than this, kinda depressing. Stuff like this makes me feel so discouraged. 😦 I wish we had a celebrity who would fight for us.

Take care!

Eye Doctors Getting Lyme Memo

Because of Lyme Disease, my dad has eye problems and has to go in often to get his eyes checked. My dad was telling him how he has Lyme disease and to my dad’s surprise, he knew about it. The eye doctor said they’re getting memos sent out to all the specialist saying if you’re having trouble diagnosing the eye problem, give them the Western Blot test. The western blot is still not a 100%, but at least this is a big step. I was excited to hear about this. We still have a long way to go, but I thought this was a positive step in the right direction.

I tried to find out which organzation sent this memo out but couldn’t get a definite answere. It wasn’t the IDSA or the CDC. If someone finds out, please let me know so I can update my blog, thanks!

Take care Lyme People!

Tricks to Help Lyme Digestion

I’ve had to learn the hard way on what’s the best way to help your digestion. It got so bad I had to go to the e.r., which didn’t help at all. I’ve never had this problem before, so I didn’t know what to do. I took toxic stuff from the doctors that had active ingrediants equivalent to water coolant in air conditioners. I also relied on ax-lax that the colon doctor said I would probably have to take for the rest of my life. I brokedown in his office right there when I heard that. That stuff is really bad on your body long term, so you think an expert would have other ideas. Mind you, this was before I knew I had Lyme disease, so I thought I was slowly dying. My body was slowly shutting down for no reason. Then my mother and I went to Florida to see a world renown doctor. Towards the end of my appointment, he suggested a natural way to help with my digestion. It’s a powder called, “Calm.” For me, it didn’t cure the blockage, but it keeps things moving. I think because I didn’t act quick enough with the Lyme Disease, I’ll have problems with my digestion for the rest of my life now. 

You start with 1 tsp once a day in hot water(needs to be warm water to activate live ingrediants). Let it fizz, then stir. You hold your breath and drink. 🙂 If you feel it’s still not helping, up it to 2 tsp’s. Because I have so much blockage, I have to do 2 tsp’s, every other day taking Magnesium and 1 month to have a colonic done.

I have found this is the most natural way to do it, especially long term. I hope this helps someone, I sure could of used this a long time ago. Take care Lyme People!

Antibiotic Resistant Lyme

Normally I would write a little and give links that inform Lyme people, but the UFC is on so I can’t write too much at the moment. lol. I thought it was at least important to give you this link. Please check it out.

Take care Lyme people and I promise I’ll write more next time!

Lyme Disease

I remember saying what should my general topic be on my blog page. Little did I know, it revealed itself to me months later. I have been very sick for the past 8 years and could never figure out why. My condition has been deteriorating over the years and leaving me frustrated. After yet again another blood test and meeting with a specialized doctor, I’ve been told I have Lyme Disease. It’s finally good news, yet also sad. It makes me shake my head at the medical community. I’m finding out very quickly that doctors are either closed minded, no nothing about it or are too afraid to treat it because the risk of losing their license. The IDSA has biased and self serving guidelines that if any doctor goes against it, they can be reported and lose their license. The amount of censorship that the IDSA is doing is amazing to me. If they spent half the time putting this energy towards research, we would already have a cure and more public awareness.

I would like everybody to watch a documentary for me. It gives a clear message about what Lyme disease actually does. Go to and type in “Under Our Skin.”

There is also a protest on the IDSA’s facebook page right now. Please go to it and ask them to change the guidelines on Lyme Disease.

There is also a petition on helping Lyme Disease Patients. Please sign it!