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Lyme Disease

I remember saying what should my general topic be on my blog page. Little did I know, it revealed itself to me months later. I have been very sick for the past 8 years and could never figure out why. My condition has been deteriorating over the years and leaving me frustrated. After yet again another blood test and meeting with a specialized doctor, I’ve been told I have Lyme Disease. It’s finally good news, yet also sad. It makes me shake my head at the medical community. I’m finding out very quickly that doctors are either closed minded, no nothing about it or are too afraid to treat it because the risk of losing their license. The IDSA has biased and self serving guidelines that if any doctor goes against it, they can be reported and lose their license. The amount of censorship that the IDSA is doing is amazing to me. If they spent half the time putting this energy towards research, we would already have a cure and more public awareness.

I would like everybody to watch a documentary for me. It gives a clear message about what Lyme disease actually does. Go to and type in “Under Our Skin.”

There is also a protest on the IDSA’s facebook page right now. Please go to it and ask them to change the guidelines on Lyme Disease.

There is also a petition on helping Lyme Disease Patients. Please sign it!