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Ben Stiller, The Lazy Lyme Activist

I went wikipedia to see what the site says about Lyme Disease and in it, it lists the celebrities who have it. The most famous out of all of them is Ben Stiller and yet I have never heard of him having Lyme Disease. With all of the celebrity that he has, he chooses to keep this disease private. He has the opportunity to help and change the way Lyme disease is handled, and yet he does nothing. I’m so upset and frusterated with these lazy celebrities who have Lyme and choose to do nothing. There are so many of us who try to get Lyme disease out there in the public eye, but we get shotdown or are left unnoticed!  I wish I had his email to give you guys this time, but I couldn’t find it. You can still contact Karen Allen on my previous blog about her. If someone has his email please pass it onto me, so I can post it on here. If I do get it, please be respectful in the letter.

I wish I had better news than this, kinda depressing. Stuff like this makes me feel so discouraged. 😦 I wish we had a celebrity who would fight for us.

Take care!